Rick Wilson: Trump Winning New York A "Crack-Pipe Dream," A Lot Of Trump's Voters Were Democrats


Rick Wilson says that Donald Trump's insistence that he can put the state of New York into play for the general election is more than just a pipe dream -- it is a "crack-pipe dream."

Appearing on FRANCE-24, Wilson asks: "Do you beleive [this] for one second?"

Hen answers: "I've done a lot of work politically in New York state... Donald Trump thinking he is going to win New York state is like a crack-pipe dream. That is the most absurd thing I've heard. It is fundamentally unserious."

"A lot of those new voters in a lot of the states that we won were Democrats," he explained. "A meaningful fraction of the states that had open primaries were Democrats crossing party lines to vote for Donald Trump. They're not going to stick with Donald Trump in the general.This claim of new voters -- they're new primary voters, but they always vote Republican in the general election anyway. They're not new to the overall pool."

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