Hannity Rips Anti-Trump Crybaby Caucus: Why Did You Lie To Us? "I'm Sick Of Them"


On a late night edition of FOX News' Hannity following the first night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, host Sean Hannity slammed those who still oppose Trump calling them the "sore loser faction." Hannity named names and called out former Republican presidential candidates for not holding up their end of the bargain when they pledged to endorse and support the party's eventual nominee.

"I think it's time to speak out," Hannity began. "I am tired of people -- it's everything that is wrong with politicians. The crybaby, sore loser faction. All these guys, 'Oh, will you support the eventual winner? Yes.' Jeb Bush. No. Lindsey Graham. No. John Kasich. No. You know what? Why did you lie to us? And why be the sore loser? Why be the crybaby? The crybaby caucus now that exists out of that."

"You know, I'm really sick and tired," an agitated Hannity said. "Because I look at Trump's agenda. He wants to balance the budget, he wants to eliminate Obamacare, he wants to build a wall. I've wanted to build it forever. I think that that's a great idea. Fix the VA, health care savings, energy independence. I like his list of Justices. Just on that issue alone we win."

"Talk about the crybaby caucus," Hannity said. "I'm sick of them. And by the way, Paul Ryan is in. Let's list names."

"Is Ted Cruz every going to support [Trump]?" Hannity asked. "Ted Cruz, he did well. If he would have won, he would have want everyone to support him. He would demand it. Honor the pledge."

Hannity's guest, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, also had a message for the 'crybaby caucus': "Shut up. Be quiet"

"They said they would support the ultimate nominee," Cain said. "Their hypocrisy came through. Here's the only thing I want the Never Trump, anti-Trump, crybaby Trump folk to do. Shut up. Keep quiet. Just keep quiet."

"The other thing is we're talking about individuals, will they support Trump. What about the voters in their states where he won overwhelmingly, you don't respect the voters of your own state?" Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway said.

"More votes than any other nominee in history," Hannity said.

"By the way, more votes than some of these people get in their own statewide elections," Conway chimed in. "He got more votes than some of these Senators and Governors get. You want to criticize Donald Trump, that's your right. I think it's ridiculous, silly and petty. However, at least respect the voters."

Hannity complained about having to "suck it up" for prior Republican presidential nominees.

"You know, I've had to suck it up," Hannity said, speaking of former Republican presidential nominees. "Bob Dole was sucking it up. John McCain was sucking it up."

"What am I going to do, vote for Obama?" Hannity said.

"Why is it that their animus toward Trump and their fear of Hillary Clinton's radical agenda not enough for them?" Conway asked. "That should be enough, at least a threshold."

"If you have nothing nice to say, please don't say it at all," Conway added.

Conway also criticized anti-Trump so-called "Republican strategists" -- commenting she doesn't know who they are 'strategizing' for -- for parlaying their anti-Trump bonafides into TV appearances.

"It makes them popular though," Conway said of the Never Trump crowd. "They are the most courtable people now. They are all across TV. Republican strategist. I don't think they're Republican nor do I know who they are strategizing [for] but it makes them very popular to go on and bash Trump."

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