Christie: Candidates Broke Pledge; If You're Not Voting For Trump, You're Voting For Hillary


Gov. Chris Christie said he was disappointed Trump did not pick him for vice president, but he is "over it."

"I wanted to win, of course you do. But it's not like my lifetime dream is to be vice president of the United States," Christie told CNN on Tuesday. "So I'm disappointed, no doubt I was disappointed, but I'm over it."

Christie criticized the other Republican presidential candidates for not holding up their end of the pledge to support the eventual nominee. Christie called out the candidates, notably Jeb Bush, for breaking their word to the American people.

"Here's my concern and focus is on folks like Jeb [Bush] and others, who signed a pledge," Christie said. "If you sign that pledge and you're not supporting Donald Trump, you broke your word to our party, you broke your word to the American people."

"It's a binary choice, buddy," Christie said. "So if you're a Republican and you're not voting for Trump, you're voting for Hillary."

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