Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell at RNC: "In Order For Any Life to Matter, We All Have To Matter"


Retired U.S. Navy SEAL and Purple Heart recipient Marcus Luttrell, the Lone Survivor, spoke at the RNC convention Monday night and gave an emotional address on veterans and serving the United States.

LUTTRELL: Every one of us have to step up in some way. We need our leaders to lead by example. Excuse me. They need to lead by example and show the American public that each and every life underneath the flag should be family and treated accordingly. I'm sorry. I'm so used to speaking from the heart. When I have to read this it goes wrong. I'm just going to go. Are you ready?

Not only do the leaders have to step up and support us. But the family and those of us in here we are all family we step up and back them up too. Not only that we hold them accountable for every position and office that they hold.

Look, either way, the only way we survive this is together, not apart. In order for any life to matter, we all have to matter. Do you understand?

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