Kasich on Trump: We're "Two Companies" That Have Different Values


From Monday night's NBC Nightly News with network anchor Lester Holt:

LESTER HOLT, NBC NEWS: If Donald Trump called you right now and said, "Bygones be bygones. Come over and speak this week."

GOV. JOHN KASICH: Well, no. He'd have to change everything that he says. We can't be attacking Muslims and Hispanics, and trying to shut down trade, and not caring about the debt. Those are all problems for me. And so it's not -- I don't hold any personal animus towards Donald Trump. We just are two companies that have different values, different directions, and different philosophies.

HOLT: Paul Manafort, campaign chairman for Donald Trump, said today that you are "embarrassing your state" by your failure to participate in the convention. Does that offend you?

KASICH: When I heard about it I laughed. Look, Ohio's doing great and you know, people in the state, at least today still like me, and that's just politics.

HOLT: Some might be scratching their heads, wondering, "Is this in some ways a tacit endorsement of Hillary Clinton's candidacy?"

KASICH: No, no, no. Look, I just wrote an op-ed piece. You know, my concern about Hillary is, she panders. You know, is she -- who's driving the bus? Is it Bernie Sanders (LAUGH) or Hillary Clinton? Every time I turn around, she's promising another group. That's not what we need in the country. We need this country to come together with real solutions, stop dividing people, stop scapegoating people, and let's see some real leadership.

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