Gingrich: Race Relations Worse Under Obama Because Of How Often He Has Hit The Police


Newt Gingrich talks race relations under President Obama in a Monday morning appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe on scene at the RNC in Cleveland:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well the European chaos, the European model has been disastrous and it’s been building for 20, 30 years. It's very interesting. You, though, when it comes to America and it comes to race, you've said some things that we – you know, not only does Mika criticize, she also applauds.

You -- you had a statement talking about how a normal white American could never understand what it's like being black in America. You see what's happening in Baton Rouge. You see what's happening across the country. How do we move forward, especially on the issue of race?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, the risk of, once again, being divisive. I think as long as you have Barack Obama doing what he did over the last few years, if you've had 7 1/2 years of a black president, 7 1/2 years of a black attorney general, Gallup reports race relations today are worse than any time in the last 17 years.

Why? Because how often has he hit the police. He hit the police in Cambridge and he was wrong.

He hit the police in Ferguson, he was wrong. He hit the police about Florida. He was wrong. At what point does the president have some obligation to say, you know -- there are two parts of this.

One, we’ve got to better understand the experience of being black in America and in places like Chicago where 3,200 people have been killed in the Obama presidency, we had better have a strategy that works. We don't.

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