Sheriff David Clarke: "Black Lives Matter" Are Purveyors Of A "Hateful, Violent Ideology"


SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE: It is beyond comprehension anymore, all of the words we try to use just don't cut it anymore.

The bloodbath continues for the American law enforcement officers in the name of "Black Lives Matter".

I listened to the president this afternoon...

Here's the thing he will not do. And this will go a long way...

He will not condemn anti-police sentiment. He condemned the violence, he has to condemn the violence, but he will not condemn the anti-police sentiment.

When a terror attack happens, he goes out there and warns and condemns against Muslim-backlash. He will not do that for American police officers...

Black Lives Matter are purveyors of hate. It is a hateful violent ideology... That I said has to be wiped off the face of the earth. I said that a year ago and the liberal mainstream media went haywire. They bear some responsiblity too.

The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and their editorial pages have not written one article about concern for this anti-police sentiment.

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