MSNBC Reports That Baton Rouge Police "Ambush" Was Related To Previous Threat, Break-In At Gun Shop


NBC's Jim Cavanaugh reports that three police officers were "ambushed" less than a week after three people were arrested breaking into a gun shop to steal ammunition in order to "shoot police."

"It is easy to get the police," he said. "They're in uniform, you call them and they come."

"They are easy to ambush."

MSNBC also reported that the suspect was shot as well.

"When the police picked up the intelligence that they were going to be attacked after this gun shop burglary," he reported. "They had to change their status on the ground, but they weren't able to tell the public. Then they appeared with SWAT officers who were armed... and of course that is seen by people as police overstepping or militarizing a demonstration, but there was good reason for it."

"There's been some violence in the streets of demonstrators... throwing objects, fighting with officers. It has been very, very tense in Baton Rouge... since the Sterling death."

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