MSNBC Characterizes Baton Rouge Shooter As Member Of Anti-Government "Sovereign Citizen" Militia Group


NBC Justice correspondent Pete Williams reviews what is known about the gunman who asassinated three police officers in Baton Rouge, LA this morning -- and how the shooting went down.

He connects the shooter to the "sovereign citizens" movement, a right-wing anti-government group and does not mention "Black Lives Matter" or any other anti-police group.

UPDATE: Baton Rouge Cop-Killer's YouTube Account: "I Was A Nation Of Islam Member."

"The best information we have now is that a 911 call was made -- someone reported seeing a man with a rifle walking along the street wearing a mask -- and that's what drew police," he said.

"The question here is who made that call? Was it someone connected with the shooter or was it someone who innocently saw somebody who saw the gunman with a rifle, that is to be determined."

So it -- the theory of law enforcement, though, is that this was an ambush attack on police -- but why we don't know."

"Now, there had been some early indication that [the shooter] had been connected with a group called the Sovereign Citizens. This is a loosely affiliated movement of people who do not believe in the authority of most government, they don't believe in the federal government, they don't believe in the currency they don't believe in the authority of local police."

"The one organization that they tend to trust is local Sheriffs. They believe that they're the only ones who actually are properly empowered by the constitution to have any government authority."

"Whether this gunman was in fact still connected with them, whether the gunman in fact knew that some of the people he was shooting at were sheriffs deputies, all of that is very unclear."

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