CNN's Harry Houck: "False Narrative" About Racist Cops Is Promoting A "War On Police"


HARRY HOUCK, CNN: I tell you, it's heart breaking to see police officers having to go through this again in another city.

The fact is that there is a war on the police and it has started, and the fact is that we have a narrative out there that is -- that helps promote this type of things from occurring. You know, we had the shooting with Sterling in Baton Rouge, we don't know the circumstances. That investigation has not ended yet.

That suspect was armed and still apparently there are a lot of people that think what the police officers did there was criminal. And that narrative out there makes people like this man who shot these three police officers very, very mad, even though it is a false narrative, and we have police officers that are being attacked because of that.

Houck engaged in a fascinating debate with BlackLivesMatter supporter Marc Lamont Hill last week about the statistics of race and crime.

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