Cenk Uygur Reports From Cleveland: People Outside LA, DC and NYC "Look Pissed," Why Trump Might Win


After one day in Ohio, Cenk Uygur, host of the Young Turks, gets a read on the mood of the electorate.

"I'm in Cleveland, kind of," he reported on a live Facebook video. "Well, significantly outside Cleveland, it is only hotel we could find."

"I'm walking around Ohio, just for a third of a day so I'm going to pull a... Tom Friedman [anecdote] here, and I don't say that in a positive light."

"This is not based on studies, not based on a poll, I'm going to speak from the proverbial gut. As I walk around here and talk to people or overhear them, oh no. Here's the sense That I got: Oh no, Trump is going to win."

"So I sense a great disturbance in the Force. A great anger and a great frustration."

"Look, most pundits --including me-- spend almost all our time in the major cities, Inspend 90% of my time in LA, New York and Washington. So there's a different vibe out here... This is not an LA, DC or NY crowd. And they look pissed. I know it is super anecdotal, how many caveats can I give to you on this, but I walked out of a sandwich place at lunch, and the first thing I thought was: Oh no, Trump is going to win."

"Remember, this is Ohio. This isn't Idaho... Alabama or whatever. This is Ohio. The state that decides almost every presidential election."

"These guys want change, they're angry at the establishment."

"They're not going to vote for Hillary Clinton."

"Oh god, the establishment doesn't get it," he said. "It is not that she's a woman, though honestly... that is going to be a significant factor with some white males in this country... We know that. But, that last Quinnipiac poll had Trump winning white males by over 30%. It is not that, but Hillary screams -- 'I am your standard politician. I'm the same poltician you've seen all your life.' And these folks don't look like they're in the mood for it."

"What have we done? This was not the time to put up a standard politican."

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