Krauthammer: Coup Against Erdogan Needed To Prevent "Drift Towards Islamism"


Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer explains why the Turkish military had to strike at Erdogan now, saying that it was "now or never" to prevent Turkey from sliding into "Islamicization."

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, this is part of the great intra-Islamic war between the secularists and the Islamists, but it has huge implications outside for the strategic war and our position there, the war against ISIS.

I mean, it is true, Turkey has been for a hundred years a secular republic, consciously so, and as you pointed out, every decade or so when the country would drift towards Islamism, the military would take over acting in the name of the republic and start all over.

But it didn't happen with Erdogan. He's been in power for almost -- at least a decade and a half and he's been systematically dismantling the democracy. There are more journalists in prison in Turkey than there are in China. And he's been changing the judiciary and Islamicizing the country to a degree where the military finally decided it's now or never.

The 1st of August is when the president appoints new military officers, and before there could be a purge so it could be Erdogan's allies, they struck.

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