Manafort: The 'Never Trump' Movement is "Nevermore"


Donald Trump's campaign chairman said this morning that the "Never Trump" movement within the Republican Party is "nevermore" and there will be no challenge at next week's GOP Convention in Cleveland.

Paul Manafort said the party would have been "destroyed" if Trump had been denied the nomination through a "back-room deal."

In an RNC Rules Committee vote yesterday, a proposal to unbind the delegates and let them "vote their conscience" failed by a margin of 87-12, he said in a Fox and Friends interview.

"First of all, the 'Never Trump' movement was really never very large. At least as far as the convention was concerned," Manafort said. "It was just a few malcontent delegates. Most of the activity that you saw circling around the convention and focusing on the rules committee and the platform committee, there people weren't even delegates!"

"They were people who have super PACs, who still were trying to get over the fact that Donald Trump had beaten them. Even though you've lost you can still stay active... But the reality is the delegates have come together."

"There were many delegates who didn't come in as Trump delegates but are now avid Trump supporters. And they recognize that Donald Trump beat 16 other candidates in a record turnout, he won with a record number of votes, and that denying Donald Trump the nomination through some backroom deal would destroy the Republican Party... So it was never a real opportunity. Yesterday in the Rules Committee there were two important votes. One was to unbind the delegates, to free them to 'vote their conscience.' And that vote lsot 87-12. We crushed them."

"The second vote was to let voters vote their conscience. They got so many less votes they didn't even want a recorded vote. So as far as I'm concerned the 'Never Trump' movement is nevermore. They're gone!"

Trump tweeted out that the movement is "nevermore."

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