Black Pro-Trump RNC Delegate Rips Movement to Unbind Delegates: I'm Only As Good As My Word And Ask The Same Of You


After the RNC Rules Committee decided to vote down a measure to unbind delegates using the "conscience clause" via a voice vote, a delegate made a plea for unity. Conversely, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) made an impassioned plea for delegates to vote their conscience.

"I think our elections are important," Lee said to the committee. "They are essential and fundamental. Delegates traditionally have been considered honorbound to follow the decision of their state and they overwhelmingly have done so. Historically, it has also been the case that delegates have retained some option, some choice on their own to make their own decisions. In the unusual event that they find some binding reason why they cannot do that."

One member pointed out even if delegates were unbound, there is no other candidate for the Republican presidential nomination other than Donald Trump. No alternative has thrown their name in the mix, although there are reports that several candidates would jump in if the delegates became free.

I need to ask you, are we going to do this together or are we going to be divided? The law says, the rule says that you are legally bound to whom you were standing with...

I'm only as good as my word, and ask you to be as good as your word. A house divided against itself cannot stand. He is the nominee because he won 1543 delegates. 14 million people came and voted for him so why cannot we as a body come together with the RNC and everyone else and get together and show the whole world and the universe that we are a party, not divided, but we are party of one.

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