Maher on Dallas Shooter: "I Understand The Motivation," "Surprised Somebody Didn't Fire Back Sooner"


Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time appears on MSNBC's Hardball to talk the presidential election with Chris Matthews.

"Well, I understand the motivation, yes. How many videos can you see? How many years can go by when this is going on when black people are brutally assault? The last guy, right on the ground. And he put a slug in him. I'm surprised somebody did not fire back sooner," Maher said Wednesday evening.

"I introduced a police officer once on my old show (Politically Incorrect). He said when I worked in the black neighborhood, I hated all black people. When I worked in the Latino neighborhood, i hated Latino people. When I worked in the San Fernando valley, I hated the white people. When you're a police officer, you come up against not the good people. That's who you're dealing with. You're a policeman. You deal with criminals. So this is some of that and there is something with police culture. We're not indicting all the police. And without the police, this country would look like that movie, the purge," Maher said.

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