Trump: "We're Not Closing Gitmo, We're Going To Fill It Up"


Donald Trump talks about the Bowe Bergdahl trade and why he is not only opposed to closing Guantanamo Bay, but wants to add more terrorists caught on the battle field to the U.S. military prison. Trump called Bergdahl the "five-for-one" traitor. Trump spoke Monday night at a campaign rally in Westfield, Indiana where he was introduced by Gov. Mike Pence, a potential choice for Vice President.

"He deserted," Trump said of Bergdahl, after describing the trade President Obama made to have him returned to the U.S. "Remember the old day, a deserter, what happened? Bang. 20 years ago, it was bang, but slowly. Ten years ago it was long prison. Today they are probably talking about nothing. That is where we've come. But I call him the five-for-one."

"So we get Bergdahl, right, a traitor. And they get five of the most vicious killers that they have, that they've been after for nine years to get them out and they bring them and they are back on the battlefield trying to kill everybody, including us," Trump said.

"This stuff is going to stop, folks. And Gitmo, we're not closing Gitmo. We're going to fill it up. We're not closing Gitmo. We're not closing Gitmo," Trump said to applause.

"And I see Hillary Clinton said, 'I do not like Donald Trump's tone.' Look, here is the story. I think I have a great temperament. She uses the word temperament but I love when she uses the word tone. 'I do not like Donald Trump's tone,'" Trump told the crowd.

"They are chopping heads off of Christians and anybody else that gets in their way. Chopping heads off. We haven't seen that since Medieval times. You read the history books, they chopped off heads. Well, they are chopping off heads. They're drowning people in steel cages, by the dozens, at a time. And she says, 'we don't like his tone.' Let me tell you, folks, it is time for a tough tone. We've had enough. We've had enough. We've had enough. We've had enough. So we're going to do things the smart way," Trump said.

Watch the full campaign rally with Gov. Mike Pence introducing Trump:

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