Rudy Giuliani: "When You Say Black Lives Matter, That Is Inherently Racist"


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani says the Black Lives Matter movement puts a target on the back of police officers.


The -- just a final question, sir. You said that the Black Lives Matter movement has put a targets on the back of police officers. When members of the African-American community see videos, as they have this week, they feel like there is a target on young black men. Explain your response about how they've put a target on -- on police officers, how that can match up when people see these videos.

GIULIANI: Well, when they talk about killing police officers.

DICKERSON: But they don't --

GIULIANI: When they sing -- well, they sure do. They sing rap songs about killing police officers and they talk about killing police officers and they yell it out at their rallies and the police officers hear it.

DICKERSON: But, Mr. Mayor -- but, Mr. Mayor, what -- what you seem to be doing is taking --

GIULIANI: And the reality is -- please -- please let me finish. And when -- and when you say black lives matter, that's inherently racist.

DICKERSON: Well, I think their argument would --

GIULIANI: Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. That's anti-American and it's racist.


GIULIANI: Of course black lives matter, and they matter greatly, but when you focus in on one percent of less than 1 percent of the murder that's going on in America, and you make it a national thing and all of you in the media make it much bigger than the black kid who's getting killed in Chicago every 14 hours, you create a disproportion.

DICKERSON: All right.

GIULIANI: The police understand it and it puts a target on their back. Every cop in America will tell you that if you ask him.

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