Gen. Flynn on Trump: "I Vote For Leaders," "I Vote For America"


Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, a possible vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump, appeared on ABC's This Week on Sunday to discuss why he supports the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Transcript, via ABC News:

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS: Let's talk about the next leader. You are being vetted, we are told, as a vice presidential candidate. Is that true?

RET. GEN. MICHAEL FLYNN: OK, I -- you're --

RADDATZ: You don't know?


RADDATZ: Do you want to be vice president?

Would you like to be --?


FLYNN: I have said that, you know, service to this country is an honor. I am honored to be even in this discussion. It's amazing to me for --

RADDATZ: So it's a job you'd take?

FLYNN: -- from a -- for a -- (INAUDIBLE) little town in the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island, it's a pretty big deal. And I take it very seriously. If people are serious about it, you know, I have to be serious about it.

RADDATZ: You've been a registered Democrat, correct?

FLYNN: I grew up as a -- in a -- in a -- I grew up as a Democrat in a very strong Democratic family. But I will tell you that the Democratic Party that exists in this country is not the Democratic Party that I grew up around in my -- in my upbringing, not at all.

RADDATZ: Change registration?

You change registration?

FLYNN: I vote for leaders. That's what I vote for. When I vote -- and I -- and I honestly -- I didn't vote much at -- in the military because I served whoever was the commander in chief in the military.

But I vote for leadership. That's what I vote for and I vote for America.

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