Dan Bongino: All My Law Enforcement Friends And I "Are Done With President Obama"


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says he is "done" with President Obama after his reaction to the massacre of police officers in Dallas last night. In an interview with "Fox And Friends" Friday morning, Bongino says: "I'm done with President Obama, and frankly, so are my law enforcement friends. I literally dont have one law enforcement friend and the federal, state or local level who has anything nice to say [about the president]."

"It is interesting when he gives these speeches, he opens them up saying the facts matter, let's wait for the facts. He has no facts on this yet, and he goes right to gun control... It is just incredible... And he goes on to say 'This is an American problem.' What is an American problem? We don't even know what happened."

"Are we not even willing to give police officers the benefit of the doubt? We're willing to paint with a broad brush. He doesn't even have the facts. It is incredible."

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