Ben Ferguson: Obama --And All Our Leaders-- Must Make It Clear The Entire Nation Stands Behind Police


Appearing on CNN, the host of Texas radio show The Ben Ferguson Show says that after conversations he has had with police officers overnight, national leaders like Obama must stop fanning the flames of anti-police sentiment. Ferguson also says that we have to do a better job of recognizing violent elements of the Black Lives Matter movement and condemning them.

"There have been months of rhetoric against police officers," he said. "Yesterday, and this is his words, and he is African-American, we had the president come out and imply that somehow police are in some way the bad guys. This puts their lves at risk, and these police officers... not only do they feel discouraged, but they feel like it is open season on them. Their lives do not seem to matter in this conversation, and they are angry and frustrated."

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"The people of this country have to make it clear --the president has to make it clear-- Every leader needs to make it clear, we stand behind those police officers everywhere in this country. There is no justification because of the actions of a few you don't like... The fact we have not seen a massive standing with the police is something that are putting peoples' lives at risk," Ferguson said.

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Part Two:

"Police officers in the point they made to me," Ferguson continued. "They feel like the majority of the conversation in this country is negative and anti-police now. And it has moved to the point where there is a boldness by those that do not like the police, a purposesful disrespect to the police by many who think that is now somehow the right thing to do, to be disrespectful, to not comply, to not respect police officers. We have to change that trend."

"I don't think this has to do with Republican or Democrat, but right now I think it's very clear that the police that you talk to all over the country, they feel like there truly is a target because they wear a badge. We have not done a good enough job, I think, in this country recently of making it clear that as a nation we believe the majority of police officers are good people. They want the bad cops to be rooted out. They want the bad cops to get out of the police force. They want them to go to jail if they commit crimes. But the police that I saw and the police that I've talked to, they feel like as a whole in this country right now, police officers have become now the bad guys and that it is justified to hate them, to disrespect them, and even target them, and that's where we have to come together to make it clear as a nation we back every police officer everywhere, and we believe they're good people trying to protect lives, whether it's protecting Black Lives Matter or anybody else."

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