Paul Ryan: Hillary Clinton Should Be Denied Classified Briefings as Candidate


House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday on the Kelly File that Hillary Clinton should be denied access to classified briefings presidential candidates receive on national security.

"When I was Mitt Romney's running mate, I got classified briefings every week by the CIA, by National Intelligence, very sensitive information, which you get as a candidate once a convention occurs," Ryan said. "Comey said short of prosecution, some kind of administration action should occur, bringing consequences. I think the DNI, the Director of National Intelligence should block her access to classified information given how recklessly she handled this during the presidential campaign. If she becomes president, that's one thing. But I don't think she should get classified information, and I think the DNI should block it given how recklessly she handled this from the start."

"It is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump is far better to be commander-in-chief than Hillary Clinton in my mind," Ryan told Kelly.

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