Trump Mocks "Golf And Grandchildren" Summit: Did The Clintons Bribe Lynch? "It's A Disgrace!"


Donald Trump mocks former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch for claiming that they spent 30 minutes on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix last week speaking about their grandchildren and Bill's golf game.

Trump says that he has eight grandchildren -- six more than Clinton has -- and he could only talk about them for a few minutes before moving on to "business."

Trump also claims to know "a lot more about golf" than either Clinton or Lynch. Combined those two topics would take up about five minutes, Trump said. "You can't talk for much longer. A couple of minutes -- and I don't think they went over the swing or the technique, right?"

"So give the grandchildren two minutes," he joked. "Give the golf three and a half minutes. That's a long time to be sitting there twiddling your thumbs. What else are we going to talk about?"

"Let's talk about Hillary! Let's talk about Hillary."

He accuses Bill Clinton of offering Lynch a "bribe" -- offering to allow her to stay on as Attorney General in the next Clinton administration.

"I'm not casting aspersions on anybody other than Hillary, of course," he joked. "But she may consider the attorney general who is ruling on her case now. Now they're ruling on the case to continue forward as attorney general. Now how do you make that statement when they are going to rule because remember what happened, the FBI makes their recommendation and then still, it's up to the attorney general's office."

"So Hillary said today --at least according to what I saw on television, which you can't always believe-- I found it hard to believe she'd said this, but she said today that she may consider the attorney general to go forward. That's like a bribe, isn't it? Isn't it sort of a bribe?"

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