Jeffrey Sachs: Clinton "Had Better Change" Her Foreign Policy, Syria Has Been An "Utter Disaster"


Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, NBC's Chris Jansing and Nicolle Wallace, and MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski discuss the impact of Britain voting to leave the European Union, anti-globalist sentiment rising around the West, and Hillary Clinton's record on foreign policy.

"The politics of the Brexit is pretty much similar to the politics of Donald Trump," Sachs said. "It is similar to the politics of [French National Front leader] Marine Le Pen. France, and in fact all over Europe, you have parties in government, or knocking on the door of government, who are essentially saying: 'stop immigration, we don't believe the eiltes have been fair, and we don't think globalization is a good deal for us.' So this is pretty much across the board in the United States and Europe."

"Brexit was a half-and-half vote. Austria was a half-and-half vote. We've got nearly a half-and-half election, right?"

"ISIS fits in here in one very particular way, which is this flood of refugees, millions that have been displaced in Syria. I've been saying for five years that the U.S. attempt to overthrow Bashar al-Assad was totally destabilizing, and a tragedy... ISIS could easily be defeated, but everyone, including the United States has not put that as a priority. The U.S. priority in Syria has not been to defeat ISIS, it has been to overthrow Assad. That has created chaos."

"Nobody has focused on defeating ISIS because everyone is fighting different wars... U.S. foreign policy has created a disaster. And I have to say... We made a mess there in Syria, and now it spills over into all our politics. Because it is true that the refugees are destabilizing politics everywhere as well."

"So who do you agree with [in the election]?" asked NBC's Nicolle Wallace. "Clinton will continue that foreign policy and Trump is the isolationist?"

"I think Clinton has played a terrible role --and I'm voting for her-- but she better change. She better change because there has been a disaster in Libya, Syria, she has always gone for the war approach. That's what Benghazi has shown."

Trump is "so unstable in so many other ways," he said, revealing his former enthusiastic support for Bernie Sanders. "I couldn't vote for [Trump]. But on foreign policy, Hillary's record is just terrible."

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