CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Comey's Statement Is A "Severe Slap" To The Clinton Campaign


CNN's Wolf Blitzer says that even though the FBI did not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for maintaining classified information on an unsecured private email server, saying that she should have known better is a "severe slap" in the face of the Clinton campaign.

WOLF BLITZER: [FBI Director James Comey] is highly respected. People have to appreciate that Comey, former U.S. Attorney, he is highly respected by democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, because he has an outstanding record over the years of going where the law tells him to go.

Now he's the FBI Director. He's got a long term there as the FBI Director. He doesn't have to worry about another president coming in. He can serve out his term as FBI director.

When he says there was classified information on that server, even if it had not been formally marked classified, anyone in a position of government should have known it was classified. It wasn't just low level confidential information which is classified. That's the lowest level of classification. But then there's secret, then there's top secret and then a category above top secret.

There were some e-mails that were there at that top level above top secret.

When he says that information was there, it was potentially available for foreign hostile powers or anyone for that matter to go into those private servers and compromise that kind of information, that is a severe, severe slap at the way Hillary Clinton was running that server while she was secretary of state for four years, and her aides were obviously very well aware all this information was on this private server.

When she says that no information was marked classified when it was sent or received, she may be precise in those words. But he says anyone reading that information should have known it was secret, top secret or even a secure compartmented information which is even more sensitive.

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