Rep. Becerra: Clinton "Understands That She's Got To Earn People's Trust"


REP. XAVIER BECERRA (D-CA): As I said, at the time that she was having those e-mail conversations, none of those e-mails were classified.

Something may have happened in between. Let's say in the last two years, in the intervening years, somebody we didn't know too much about has become a real terror suspect. Now you may want to classify any e-mail that dealt with that particular individual. But two or three years ago, there was no sense that that was -- it was necessary to classify that as top secret.

And so, the secretary herself has said, look, I’ve done what other secretaries of state have done, what others in the administration and in government have done, communicated through e-mail. Subsequently, classification comes out at top secret for some of those communications, but not at the time.

And then you go to the issue of whether folks can trust. I think the secretary made it very clear. She understands that she's got to earn people's trust. She's going to work very, very hard to do that.

And I give her credit for saying that she's made some mistakes and she's going to try to show the American people that she's going to work hard especially for working families in America to earn their trust.

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