Bill O'Reilly on George Will: "I Destroyed Him"


CBS News: Bill O'Reilly is a big history buff, and he's got the books to prove it. The Fox News anchor has written one bestseller after another, with his most recent books focusing on critical moments in history. O'Reilly sat down with Mo Rocca to talk about his books, his top-rated cable show and, of course, his take on our times.

From O'Reilly's interview with Rocca on CBS Sunday Morning:

Rocca said, "The way you called George Will a hack ... I mean, you really dug in on it. How did you feel about that confrontation?"

"It was an honest confrontation," O'Reilly replied. "He didn't have anything. He had nothing. I destroyed him."

Bill O'Reilly and George Will's showdown from November 2015.

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