Andrea Mitchell: Even If Hillary Is Exonerated, There Will Always Be Suspicions Decision Was Politically Influenced


Andrea Mitchell opines on the lasting impact former President Bill Clinton's private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch will have on Sunday's Meet the Press:

CHUCK TODD, 'MEET THE PRESS' MODERATOR: Donald Trump has his own reaction to the FBI interview. And he's already come to a conclusion: 'It was just announced by sources that no charges will be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton. Like I said, the system is totally rigged.'

Andrea Mitchell, even if she's exonerated, Donald Trump already has his talking points thanks to the tarmac meeting.

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: First of all, he's been calling her Crooked Hillary Clinton for quite a while, so that is branding her in advance. But the tarmac meeting was an unforced error, inexplicable...

Something should have told this former constitutional law professor from Arkansas not to do it. Something should have told Loretta Lynch to say, Mr. President, let's go down -- I know it's a 108 degrees, we checked -- on the tarmac, they could have walked into the terminal, any place in public.

To be on that plane for 30 minutes, now no matter what happens, if she is exonerated, she will still be -- there will still be suspicions, not only among the Donald Trump people, but among a lot of other people, there will be suspicions that it was politically influenced.

This was absolutely a disastrous decision on their part.

KATY TUR, NBC NEWS: And it plays directly into the narrative the Donald Trump campaign is trying to put forth, that Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted, that there are one set of rules for her, for the Clintons and politicians in general, and another set of rules for anybody else. The tarmac meeting fits into that. The Trump campaign is seeing this as an opportunity, no matter what happened, to use it against her, saying that she's just not trustworthy.

Donald Trump reacted to rumors that Clinton will not be indicted Saturday night on Twitter:

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