Trump: Hillary Clinton "Understands Temperament Because Her Temperament Is Terrible"


Donald Trump reacts to Sean Hannity's interview with a former Secret Service officer who worked in the Clinton detail revealing Hillary Clinton's "temperament" off-camera and behind the scenes.

"She brings up temperament because she understands temperament because her temperament is terrible," Trump said in an interview with Hannity on Thursday.


TRUMP: Well, I saw that interview and I guess I'm not that surprised. I mean I understand what I'm dealing with her and -- and I'm also dealing with a media that's extremely unfriendly and -- and they'll probably won't pick very much of it up, if anything.

But I -- I actually watched that. And I said to myself and -- and, you know, again, not being too surprised, but I said to myself, hey, that's the way it would be. I mean that's the way it would be.

Uh, she brings up temperament because she understands temperament because her temperament is terrible.

And, you know, I'll tell you what, in one way, we need a different temperament in the White House, because we have had these weak leaders that let the world take advantage of us. They let ISIS continue to go forward and it's like, you know, they don't want to do what they have to do, like get rid of their source of wealth, which is largely oil.

And also, by the way, coming in from many of our so-called allies, tremendous wealth goes to -- goes to, as you know, goes to ISIS through our allies, where they're paying ISIS money, which is horrible, if you think about it. It's horrible. I guess it's almost like protection money, they're paying for protection.

But, uh, you know, we need a strong temperament. We need somebody that's going to get in there, knock the hell out of ISIS, get ISIS out -- they would -- there are ways to do it and we can do it quickly.

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