Trump: I'm Not Against Free Trade, I'm For Fair Trade; I Just Want Better Deals


(relevant portion begins at 50:40)

Donald Trump defends his position on free trade and explains the difference between free trade and fair trade at a campaign rally Thursday in Manchester, New Hampshire. This was Trump's first trip back to the state that delivered his first primary win.

DONALD TRUMP: A couple of people in the Republican party say Trump is against trade. I'm not against trade; I just want to make better deals. I think it's great. I think having trade is great. I want to make better deals.

I'm always so amazed when I see somebody else talking about my viewpoints. My viewpoints are very simple: I want great deals for this country. Somebody said, "are you a free trader?" The answer is yes. But to have free trade we have to have smart people. We don't have smart people representing us. Or we have people who are controlled by the lobbyists, who are controlled by the special interests. But, yes, I'm a free trader.

But they say how do you define your stance on trade? One of the reporters asked me this question and I said here's my stance on trading: I want to make great deals for the United States. Call it fair trade, call it free trade, there's 10 different names they can give it. I want to make great deals for the people of the United States. I want to bring jobs back. I don't want companies leaving because we don't know what we're doing...

TRUMP: Why are people upset that with free trade, that I like, that I want to make better deals? I said I want to make better deals with Mexico. I want to make better deals with China. They say, 'Oh, Trump is messing with free trade.' No, I'm messing with bad deals that we can make good. I can make good deals. Why would somebody fight that?

I mean, the U.S. Chamber [of Commerce] fights. They say, 'Oh, Trump wants to stop free trade.' I don't want to stop free trade. I love free trade. But I want to make great deals. I want to take a deal that's faulty -- where we're losing hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars a year -- and make it good. Isn't that a positive thing? Okay? That's something Bernie can't do. He's right that they're bad, but he won't be able to fix them. I'll be able to fix them. And if we can't fix them, they're are consequences. We won't trade. And you know how long that will last? About 24 hours, before they come to the table. But you have to be able to walk. Every time you want to make a good deal you have to be able to walk.

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