Sen. Coons: Loretta Lynch Should Have "Steered Clear" Of Bill Clinton


The Delaware senator says that is was inappropriate for the attorney general to meet with the husband of someone under investigation by the FBI.

COONS: I've just heard about this, this morning. My impression of the meeting was that the attorney general was coming into Phoenix to give a speech about community policing and that the former president asked to talk to her briefly about community policing. I do agree with you that it doesn't send the right signal.

I am impressed with Attorney General Loretta Lynch -- the work that she's done in combating violent crime and in leading the Department of Justice, and she has generally shown excellent judgment and strong leadership of the department. And I'm convinced that she is an independent attorney general. But I do think that this meeting sends the wrong signal and I don't think it sends the right signal. I think she should have steered clear, even of a brief, casual, social meeting with the former president.

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