Matt Schlapp vs. Ali Velshi: Why Would Trump Understand Terrorism Better Than Bush Or Obama?


Chairman of the American Conservative Union, former Bush administration official, and Trump-backer Matt Schlapp debates former al Jazeera analyst Ali Velshi about which presidential candidate has the best plan to defeat terrorism.

"We have to take these guys on," Schlapp said about terrorists. "It is not just ISIS, it wasn't just al-Qaeda, they're coming and self-radicalizing in America--"

"Let's give credit where credit is due," fired back Velshi. "I think not understanding Iraq goes back to your [Bush] administration. So everybody doesn't understand. I'm not making a cheap shot, I'm trying to say there are lots of people who don't understand it. This is really really complicated, so Donald Trump's simple answers belie how the Bush administration didn't know, what the Obama adminsitration doesn't understand -- Why do you think he knows it better than two administrations over 16 years?"

"Voters will give a leader the benefit of the doubt. This is complicated, and this is a big hairy problem," Schlapp replied. "Defeating this terrorist threat is a big problem. They want a leader to connect with the fact that they're worried about it, and when you can't call the enemy what the enemy is--"

"After San Bernardino when they put the flag at half mast, they said it was 'workplace violence.' That is discordant with what the voters know: These are terrorists among us."

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