Krauthammer: A Presidential Campaign Where Both Parties Are Turning Against Free Trade


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What he saw for the Republican primaries is that the traditional ideology -- free trade, more reasonable, more open on borders -- was something that everybody else was supporting, and he saw a real opening and he won the nomination, essentially on that message. The question is, how will it play in the country?

I think what's most interesting is the fact that if the Republicans are now abandoning free trade, for the first time ever in our memory, we're having a presidential campaign where neither side is for free trade, which I think bodes really badly for our allies abroad, the Australians, Canadians, Mexicans.

Imagine the Mexicans looking at the cancellation of NAFTA, what an effect it would have on them. They're looking at a race where the country with both parties are now turning against free trade. They had always assumed the United States would be the one country that would rise above the most narrow economic nationalism, and save the idea of free trade. That's not going to be true come January 2017 and that will change the whole international landscape.

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