Ann Coulter: Every Time Americans Get The Chance To Vote On Immigration, They Say "Enough"


Ann Coulter says that Trump's popularity can't be measured by traditional polls, but is instead the result of longer-term trends on KSFO in San Francisco.

"How many times do Americans have to say we want less immigration? This goes back to --in just the last decade-- George Bush tried to push amnesty on us, that was his big second term initiative. He was not only shut down, but that is what led to Republicans losing the House and the Senate," she said. "It wasn't the Iraq War... and in fact in polls at the time... more people approved of the Iraq War than approved of Bush's proposal for amnesty."

Next, she said: "John McCain, 'Mr. Amnesty,' ran for president, he loses."

"Dave Brat taking out the Majority Leader of the House, Eric Cantor."

"Every time Americans have been able to vote on immigration, they've said: Enough. We need a break. And still they keep pushing amnesty."

"Marco Rubio ran for Senate claiming to be a Tea Partier," she continued. "Denouncing Amnesty, and he hadn't been that great on immigration in the Florida legislature, so talk radio hosts got him to swear he would not support amnesty --he swore on his mother's life on one [radio] program in Florida-- and he gets to Washington and what does he do? He starts pushing amnesty."

"This is what the Trump candidacy is about, it is quite parallel to what's happening with Brexit: The people speak, and both political parties, I'm sorry to say my own political party... Until Trump, both political parties have been aligned against us to do the bidding of Wall Street. To protect the corporations, to bring in cheap labor. They're getting massively rich, living with a level of degeneracy not seen since the Czar's court, and meanwhile Americans out in America haven't seen their wages or salaries go up for years."

"I don't know as much about why the polls were so wrong on Brexit --and they were, even the betting polls... But I'm quite sure that... I do discount the polls. For one thing, pollsters have to ask: Did you vote in the last election, did you vote in the election before that. A pollster can't say that someone who didn't vote for twenty years is going to vote this time. You just can't do that if you're a pollster. We know Trump is bringing our people who haven't voted for 20 years."

"So I do think there is good reason to believe the polls will not capture the fervor for Donald Trump."

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