Trump Hits Back: Elizabeth Warren A "Racist" And A "Fraud"


Donald Trump responded to Elizabeth Warren's attack on the Republican candidate at a campaign rally with Hillary Clinton Monday morning in a phone call made to NBC's Hallie Jackson.

Warren torched Trump as a "thin-skinned" money-grubber who will "crush you into the direct to get whatever he wants"

Trump exclusively told NBC's Jackson that Warren is a racist and total fraud who used her Native American heritage to advance her career.

"He hopes that Elizabeth Warren is selected as Hillary Clinton's presidential running mate. Indicating his campaign is ready to turn both barrels on Warren if that is the case," Jackson said about the call. "Trump telling me that his campaign has ready, essentially in the can comments that Warren has made about Hillary Clinton in the past, things that Trump believes will Democrats will find 'devastating.'"

Trump said, "Elizabeth Warren is a total fraud -- he talked about claims that she exaggerated her Native American heritage -- saying she made up her heritage which I think is racist." He said, "I think she's a racist actually because what she did was very racist."

Jackson reported when pressed on this he said, "She's been totally unable to prove she's Native American and yet use that to advance her career. I hope that she is the one chosen by Crooked Hillary."

The Trump campaign also responded via a press release entitled "Sellout Warren."

As Clinton tries to salvage support among the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has become a turncoat for the causes she supposedly supports. While Warren claims that Wall Street businesses have too much influence in D.C., by paying “barely disguised bribes,” through campaign contributions. The Clinton campaign has accepted over $41 million this cycle from Wall Street interests. Warren is also campaigning for the author of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal she has routinely slammed. This is a trade deal that Clinton has expressed support for in over 45 public speeches. Warren’s campaigning for Clinton stands in stark contrast to the liberal ideals she once practiced. This sad attempt at pandering to the Sanders wing is another example of a typical political calculation by D.C. insiders. Mr. Trump has been against TPP from the start of his campaign because he understands how detrimental it would be to American workers. He will continue to fight for the American people and serve them over the special interests in Washington, D.C.

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