Rendell on Clinton/Warren: Two Women On The Ticket A Drawback


KRISTEN WELKER, MSNBC: Let me start with the news of the day: this joint appearance with Senator Warren and Secretary Clinton. A lot of eyes on this event, a sense this was a tryout. Was it, and did Senator Warren pass? Did this move her up the shortlist on potential VP picks?

ED RENDELL: It certainly drove home the point that Elizabeth Warren can excite crowds. There’s no question about it, and excite progressives. Some of the Sanders camp, I heard during the campaign, were a little annoyed at Senator Warren because she didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders. But still, she didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton either. She stayed neutral, which I think was the proper stance for her to take under those circumstances, so she does have that as a significant plus. The drawbacks, obviously, are two women on the ticket. Does it make a difference? I don’t think so, but some people might. Does Elizabeth Warren have the experience to be commander in chief? I think Tim Kaine, I’m not sure he was taking a dig at Elizabeth Warren. O think Tim Kaine was answering that question honestly. Ot’s very difficult, unless you’ve been in the military or you were secretary of state and are privy to military decisions, it’s very hard to say ‘yes, I have had the experience that qualifies me for commander in chief.’ So, look, O think Elizabeth Warren is on a very short list and I think today did nothing to hurt her chances.

(via America Rising)

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