Trump Challenges Clinton to 3 Debates: "My Whole Life Has Been In Preparation"


NBC's Lester Holt talks to Donald Trump about Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, debates, Bernie Sanders supporters and more in an interview airing on the Thursday broadcast of NBC Nightly News. Transcript, via NBC:

HOLT: Do you plan to debate her?

TRUMP: Of course I do. I look --

HOLT: Three times?

TRUMP: --forward to it.

HOLT: Do you commit to three debates?

TRUMP: I think it's three debates, yeah.

HOLT: And you plan on doing them?

TRUMP: Sure.

HOLT: Are you preparing for the debates now?

TRUMP: I think my whole life has been in preparation frankly. But yeah, sure, I'll be preparing like everybody else.

Watch the full interview:

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