Obama: I'm "Disappointed" Supreme Court Did Not Uphold My Executive Action on Immigration


PRESIDENT OBAMA: The work we have done with the DREAM Act kids. These policies remain in place. So what this has prevented us from doing is expanding the scope of what we have done with the DREAM Act kids. Keep in mind, even thought this was just a temporary measure, all it was doing was basically saying to these kids, you can have confidence that you are not going to be deported, but it does not resolve your ultimate status. That requires Congressional action.

So although I'm disappointed by the lack of decision today by the Supreme Court, a deadlock, this does not substantially change the status quo and it doesn't negate what has always been the case if we're really going to solve this this problem effectively, we've got to have Congress pass a law.

I have pushed to the limits of my executive authority. We now have to have Congress act. And hopefully we're going to have a vigorous debate during this election. This is how democracy is supposed to work. There will be a determination as to which direction we go in.

Obama's full statement reacting to today's Supreme Court rulings:

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