Dem Rep. Sherman Admits "Sit-In" Is A Political/Fundraising Stunt: "I Don't Find That To Be A Dirty Word"


Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) contradicts Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's statement that the Democrats' "sit-in" on the House floor is not "a political stunt."

REP. BRAD SHERMAN: If Speaker Ryan doesn't want the Democratic committee to be politicking on this issue, he has to schedule a vote [on increased gun control measures]...

The way to cut this process short and to return to regular order is to vote--

CNN HOST: My entire panel is perplexed by this.

CHH PANELIST: Congressman. You just said it was politicking. Congressman Sherman?

SHERMAN: I don't find that to be a dirty word, I think the effort of mobilizing the American people to demand a vote on this issue -- in most countries that is called politicking. Only in the U.S. do people attribute that to be something negative.

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