NBC's Steve Kornacki: Amazing How Thin Clinton/Trump Margin Is, Despite Trump's Problems


MSNBC host Steve Kornacki discusses the latest 2016 election polls showing Clinton and Trump in a dead heat in several key battleground states with the hosts of NBC's Today Show:

"It’s amazing," Kornacki said. "If you take the 2012 electoral map: Obama versus Romney, and kept it the same... If you can flip Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, you’re the next president. For all of the trouble [Trump has] had, you’ve got them dead even in Ohio and Pennsylvania. [Polls showing him down in] Florida is bad news for him."

“How worried is the Clinton campaign about just that?" Today Show host Matt Lauer asked. "[We just saw several] great weeks for Hillary Clinton, terrible weeks for Donald Trump -- and they look at those polls in those states, how do they explain that?"

"The poll on the economy, Hillary Clinton gave that speech yesterday, the subject is the economy, she’s trying to discredit Trump on the economy," Kornacki said. "And you look up and see that poll saying --on who do you trust more on the economy-- Trump leading Clinton by eight points. They’re aware of the challenge. That’s where the speeches like you saw yesterday from Hillary Clinton are coming from."

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