Trump: We're Not Getting Honesty On 'Radical Islam' And Obama Is Not Willing To Talk About The Problem


BRIAN KILMEADE, FNC: You know, there's a trend out there amongst the current administration to not be transparent, especially when it comes to Islamic terrorist attacks. On Sunday, you had the Attorney General say that America should not hear what this terrorist said, pledging allegiance to al-Baghdadi. Something happened during the day and now the 911 transcript is fully released. What do you think going on there?

DONALD TRUMP: I'll tell you that happened. Furor furor, furor of the public, anger of the public. There was a fury out there when we heard that. When everybody heard that...

It's like him not wanting to say radical Islamic terrorism. You have to know what the problem is. If he says things, and if he's doing certain things and saying certain words while he's killing people, this animal, then what you have to do is you have to be able to see that. You have to be able to see that!

You don't want it redacted. You don't want those words taken out. It is about radical Islamic terrorism. They wanted to take those kinds of word -- those kind of words and referencing that particular thing, they wanted to take those words out of what he was doing.

And that's not what the people want.

They want honesty. They want to have honesty and we're not getting honesty and the president is not wanting to talk about the problem. It's a problem of radical Islam, and if we don't talk about it, we're never going to solve the problem.

HOST: Yeah.

Doesn't this look familiar, don't you remember when Susan Rice came out after Benghazi and blamed it on video? It was basically the same... going on all the sunday shows saying they'll be transparent, yet, they're not.

TRUMP: Not only does it look familiar, the fact is that the public will not stand for another four years of essentially Barack Obama light. In many respects [Hillary] might be worse than Obama... We don't need another four years of Clinton or Obama, I think the public has had it with this whole big charade.

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