O'Reilly: Terrorism And The American Left


BILL O'REILLY: Well I finally figured it out after thinking about it all weekend. I believe I know why some committed left wingers constantly diminish the terror threat from ISIS.

Before I tell you the reason, I want to spotlight something that happened last week.

Congressman Jim Clyburn, a very liberal guy from South Carolina, put forth an amazing analysis of the Orlando terror attack, to which I replied:

REP. JIM CLYBURN (D-SC): “This gentleman, it now being revealed, had a lot of hate. And it seems that some of it was self-hate. And consequently this is not about ISIS, this is not any kind of foreign terror, this is about guns in America and whether or not we’re going to have some kind of moderation to this Second Amendment just as we have to the First Amendment.”


O’REILLY: “He gets all, ‘It’s not about terrorism, it’s about gun control.’ And I just want to slap him, with all due respect. What it is going to take? Do the ISIS people have to come to your backyard, do they have to put you in a cage? Because they will.”

I used the slap line as a rhetorical device to show my displeasure.

That was obvious, unless you're a moron.

But the crazy left websites who routinely mislead their readers played it as a physical threat.

A few hours later the Congressional Black Caucus demanded an apology.

I very politely said come on The Factor and we'll talk about it. I invited Congressman Clyburn on, as well.

Guess what? They are hiding under their desks. I guess they're afraid I would slap them.

So here's the deal. We researched the congressman and could find no mention of gun control in connection with the Chicago violence.


This weekend 13 more people shot to death in the Windy City, at least 43 others wounded including a three-year-old boy.

That brings the total to about 1,800 human beings shot so far this year in Chicago.

Paging Congressman Clyburn.

Come on, if he were truly concerned about guns in America, he'd have to at least say something, his fellow African-Americans being shot down in Chicago every day.

Would he not?

Now the reason Clyburn brought up guns in conjunction with Orlando is because the left in general does not want the American people to focus on the danger from ISIS, a Muslim-hate group.

That does not play into the narrative of the far left who believe that America is the source of much of the trouble in the world.

They constantly push a point of view that demonizes America as a bad place, an unfair place.

So forget about ISIS, it's all about the USA allowing guns to kill people.

Refocusing the overseas terror problem on the USA is a strategy.

Summing up, thousands of African-Americans are being gunned down by other African-Americans in Chicago, which has very strict gun control laws.

Yet Congressman Clyburn has no comment.

Yet he has plenty to say about guns, not ISIS, being the real problem in Orlando.

You make the call.

And that's the memo.

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