Hillary Clinton Warns of a "Trump Recession"


Hillary Clinton made a major address on the economy in Columbus, Ohio where she warned of a "Trump recession" if the Republican candidate becomes president.

"You might think that because he has spent his life as a businessman, he'd be better prepared to handle the economy. Well, it turns out, he's dangerous there, too. Just like he should not have his finger on the button, he should not have the hands on our economy," Clinton said Tuesday afternoon.

Citing Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren, Clinton said Trump would "throw us back into a recession."

"Now, I don't say that because of typical political disagreements. Liberals and conservatives say Trump's ideas would be a disaster. Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren, economists on the right and the left and center all agree: Trump would throw us back into recession," she said.

"One of John McCain's former economic advisors actually calculated what would happen to our country if Trump gets his way. He described the results of a Trump recession. We would lose three and a half million jobs and income could stagnant and debt would explode and stock prices would plummet," Clinton said.

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