Tammy Bruce vs. Alan Colmes: Is Lewandowski's Departure Good News For Trump?


Radio hosts Tammy Bruce and Alan Colmes debate what the departure of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski means for the future of his campaign.

"There is so much going on for a crew that is somewhat inexperienced... What it tells you [about Mr. Trump] is that he is serious about wanting to win and he knows he has to make an adjustment for the general election," Bruce said. "This is going to be a sign of larger changes, when he is willing to do this, more is coming."

Alan Colmes' counterpoint: "This was not a guy whose words are the ones you'd want to see in a campaign manager... But the problem is, he is now the fall guy for Donald Trump. Donald Trump now has to pivot. He says, I've got the best words... It doesn't matter who is campaign manager is if he doesn't make the change."

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