Scarborough: So Many Things Republicans Could Do To Push Trump Against The Wall, Make His Life Difficult


Joe Scarborough explains several ways the Republican party could show dominion over Donald Trump and "make his life difficult."

"You see that guy on stage having a great time. He's enjoying himself. This a guy who's not focused on winning. This is not the way a person who wants to be president acts," Scarborough said on Monday's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

SCARBOROUGH: I think what's so interesting is, for me, the play here is the threat, and it's much like, it's again ripped out of -- I've been talking about The Art Of The Deal for some time, it's ripped out of Donald Trump's playbook. You threaten China with 40% tariffs, when you know you will never put 40% tariffs on China. But you put the threat out there to make China renegotiate bad trade deals.

The Republican party, which has been obsequious and just helpless, and I will make no comments that will get me in trouble about their manliness, but I will say this, though, there are so many things that they could do to push Trump against the wall to make his life difficult. Nobody has done any of them.

They could hold a press conference today to put him back on the heels, and again to get a better deal from Donald Trump. To demand that he actually puts together an organization that could beat Hillary Clinton. That demands he actually brings people onboard that have run presidential campaigns before and know how to beat Hillary Clinton. That could coordinate with Senators, so the Republicans don't lose the Senate, so they don't lose the House, so they don't lose the Supreme Court. But they won't do it, because they're scared.

Scarborough ripped the Trump political apparatus, declaring "there is no campaign."

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