Napolitano: Orlando Transcript Censorship "Was An Attempt To Re-Write History"


Fox News senior judicial analyst, Andrew Napolitano speaks about the FBI reversing its decision to censor references to ISIS when it released transcripts of the 911 calls made by the terrorist in Orlando.

"I can conclude that the decision to redact was either made by, or agreed to, at the highest possible level, which is the Attorney General herself," he said.

"This was an effort to rewrite history, to keep from the American people the knowledge to which they are entitled, and from which and about which they can make their own judgments. The government is not required to release evidence midstream, while it is still collecting it, while it is still... figuring out what exactly happened, but once they do release it, they have to release it completely because this is a democracy!"

"The government is not permitted to rewrite history!"

"There were four phone calls. This is the first one. This is the one made at 2:02 am, before he killed anyone. There are three more calls; there are no transcripts [released] of those... Those are the conversations they had with the Orlando PD's hostage negotiator. We don't know what was said, but we know at the end of them they decided to raid the place, at 5:13, that is when people started dying."

"Oh gosh, I wish I could answer why they cna't be straight [with us about this], the removal, the redaction of al-Baghdadi's name and the redaction of the word Allah, replacing it with the word God, fits in with the president's paradigm, with al-Baghdadi actually named there and with 'Allah' actually uttered... this does not fit in with the president's paradigm that this is a gun control issue... That's crazy. If a single one of those victims had had a gun, they might have been able to stop this guy!"

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