Michelle Fields: "Vindicated" By Lewandowski Firing; "There Is Justice"


Michelle Fields tells Megyn Kelly she feels vindicated after Corey Lewandowski was dismissed as campaign manager for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Fields said she was "happy to see that there is some justice."

Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery after the then-Breitbart reporter filed a police complaint that accused him of aggressively trying to pull her to the ground. The charges were eventually dropped. Fields now is employed by The Huffington Post.

"He grabbed you even though he denied it, but then you filed the charge because they sort of bated you into doing it saying if it happened why don't you file charges, the prosecution decided not to pursue it and then he said he felt vindicated. Do you feel vindicated today?" host Megyn Kelly asked Fields.

"I do," Fields said. "I do feel vindicated. I think that when you're a bad person you do bad things eventually there are consequences and I feel like there's finally consequences for what he did. He lied and he really shook my life. I lost my job. There were lots of threats. So I'm happy to see that there is some justice."

"I'm not going to say that I was happy to see someone lose their income but I really, really love this country and I think having someone like Corey Lewandowski in the White House would be detrimental to this country. This is someone who has pushed reporters and who yanked my arm and who has said awful thing things to women," Fields said Monday night on the Kelly File.

Earlier today Fields tweeted at Lewandowski, 'Hey @CLewandowski_ I hear @BreitbartNews is hiring':

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