Sessions: "We Don't Have A Duty to Admit People Who May Place Americans At Risk"


DANA BASH, CNN: So, you would consider and Mr. Trump would consider banning immigration temporarily completely from those countries?

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: Not completely.

I mean, you have got diplomats and businesspeople who have been traveling for a long time. But tightening up that, pausing on the normal flow here until we get a good database the administration has refused to give us and protect the American people, that's not unreasonable.

You don't have a constitutional right to come to America. We respect your religion in this country. We will defend your right to free exercise of religion, but a person with an ideology that goes beyond normal religion that believes you can kill gays, that kills people who change their view about the religion they have, that is a dangerous thing, and we do not have to admit people like that.

BASH: But the killer in Orlando, the Fort Hood shooter, the San Bernardino shooter, they were all Americans. They were born in America. So how would this solution stop the last several massacres, including the biggest one in this country last week?

SESSIONS: Well, their parents came here with an ideology, and it seemed to have impacted them.

For example, in Orlando, the parent was close to the Taliban, a radical element that we are fighting right now in Afghanistan.

BASH: But his father lived without breaking any laws that we know of his entire life in this country.

SESSIONS: I'm just saying, you get two people from Afghanistan, one of them believes in the United States, one of them believes in a democratic republic, and one of them believes in the Taliban.

We can't admit everybody in the world. Why don't we admit those who have the greatest chance of being prosperous in the United States, to work harmoniously with us? We don't have a duty to admit people who may be at risk or may place Americans at risk.

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