Trump: "Crazy Bernie" Sanders Staying in Race For "FBI Convention" Because Hillary Might Get Indicted


Donald Trump suspects Bernie Sanders hasn't officially dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary because he is waiting on the FBI to indict Hillary Clinton for the use of a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Trump dubbed the Democratic National Convention to be held in Philadelphia as the "FBI convention."

"Think about Bernie," Trump said at a campaign rally in Las Vegas Saturday afternoon. "He doesn't give up. This guy doesn't give up. Right? Crazy Bernie, he doesn't give up. You know. Crazy Bernie. He is crazy as a bed bug, but you know he doesn't quit. He doesn't quit. Got to hand it to him."

"I think Bernie should continue to go forward, folks, he should continue to go forward. He should fight to the last end. Well, he is waiting for really the FBI to do what everybody thinks they're going to do [with Hillary Clinton]. I mean, I think he is sort of saying look, oh, let's hang in there. Because ultimately, it's called the FBI convention. And then we'll be the only people," Trump said.

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