Dem Rep. Gabbard: Use Term Radical Islamic Terrorism, "Important That You Identify Your Enemy"


Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran, chides President Obama and Hillary Clinton for hesitancy to use the term 'radical Islamic terror' for fear of conflating jihadists with other Muslims. Gabbard said this is why it's important to make the distinction-- "we need to be able to identify in order to defeat this threat."

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: I know you have strong views on this but I want to hear them again in the aftermath of what the president said earlier in the week. What difference would it make if he used the phrase radical Islamic terrorism or extremism?

REP. TULSI GABBARD (D-Hawaii): Look, this is something that I have disagreed with the president on because I think it's important that you identify your enemy, you know who they are, you call them by their name, and you understand the ideology that's driving them.

You know, I understand and appreciate the president's concern which is he doesn't want all Muslims to be cast with the same targeting or the same look at this handful of radical jihadists, and I agree with that. No one wants that to happen, but that's why I think it is important that we make the distinction between the vast majority of Muslims who are practicing their spiritual path, who appreciate and support a pluralistic society and government that's free, versus the small handful of people who like ISIS and al-Qaeda, who believe that unless you abide by their caliphate and their theocracy, you should be killed. And obviously that's something we need to be able to identify in order to defeat this threat.

Gabbard also said she is not prepared to endorse Hillary Clinton for president:

"I am not prepared to do that," Rep. Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said about a Clinton endorsement. "There are a number of issues that I am concerned about and I looked forward to discussing them with you again in the future."

"There are a lot of things I'm looking at," Gabbard explained her decision. "In particular, this issue that she has not moved on at all in the campaign, which is the commitment to continue this interventionist regime change policy in Syria that is proving disastrous."

Watch Gabbard's entire interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

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