Jeff Weaver: Yes, Bernie Sanders Is Still An "Active Candidate For President"


MSNBC: Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver joins Morning Joe to discuss the state of Sanders' presidential bid, meeting with the Clinton campaign. Weaver called Sanders an "active candidate."

"The issues he's talking about today are the issues he was talking about back then," Weaver said. "And for him, this is really about transforming America; it has always been about that. It's never been about Bernie Sanders. I think he's articulated that on the stump now the entire year. And what he's trying to do is continue to make the changes we need so that the American government and the economy works for all people in this country, not just a few."

“Yes, he is. Yes, he is. Yes, he is," Weaver said about Sanders staying in the race. "He is an active candidate for president, yes."

(transcript via Politico)

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